TOEFL Writng 公式本 Practce Test 2 part1


The author of the passage states that professors can make much benefit (benefitをVとして使う)from appearing on televisions (televisionはsつけない) because they can acquire reputation and their university also can get more attention from the public. Viewers also can deepen their academic knowledge and insight. Additionally public people (people in public) would feel much closer to universities.
 However the speaker of the lecture took issue (take isse) with these benefits in the passage.

To begin with, the lecturer claims that professors on TV have a tendency not to be seen as professional in their field. They would be regarded as more entertainers. Therefore their fellows proffessors might not welcome them in a serious conference. As a result, the professors might have difficulties y to gather gethering (have difficulty ~ing) research expenditure.
  Second, the lecturer asserts that professors on TV don't make use of time because they spend much time for their rehearsal, travel, their appearance.
spend too much time doing rehearsals, traveling, and   having a make-up for TV appearance.

The speaker insists that they should use more time for with their students and researches.
Lastly the lecturer points out that TV programs with professors don't deal with professional topics at all. Most topics professors talk about can be done by just regular TV reporters. Although the passage states that professors explanations help views deepen the insight, in fact, the talk is very light. TV producers' real intention is just to use their names and make the program title more academic.

 In conclusion, the lecture claims that nobody gets the benefit from this tendency.